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Why Performance Telecom?

Why Performance Telecom?

Performance Telecom Ltd

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Performance Telecom

From auspicious beginnings in the late 90’s as a provider of simple yet effective telecom solutions, our initial specialisation was in the sourcing and supply of unique and memorable telephone numbers for a variety of purposes, perhaps most significantly for use as a primary marketing tool for our clients’ promotions. Utilising campaign specific telephone numbers as a method of measuring marketing performance became very popular during this time and as a result allowed us to accrue a vast amount of experience and expertise in tracking the efficiency of each form of our clients’ marketing media, as well as gaining valuable insight into the operational challenges associated with effectively capturing and distributing responses generated from these methodologies.
During this time however we became acutely aware that the available technologies of the time were falling behind many of our customers’ urgent marketing and operational needs and as a result, we forged ahead in evolving our call management processes by coupling many of our clients’ systems with other systems readily (and not so readily) available, in order to offer a number of unique and powerful hybrid solutions that were both cost-effective and innovative for their time. These popular hybrid frameworks resulted in significant growth for the company, allowing us the scope to further develop a communications service that resulted in our clients being able to continually raise their own standards whilst meeting, and very often exceeding, the demands of their audience and the expectations of their shareholders.
As a result of all of this growth and activity, coupled with our extensive R&D investment into cutting-edge software, methodologies and emergent cloud based technology, Performance Telecom are proud to announce the completion and launch of a brand new platform entitled TRANSFORM which offers unprecedented power and versatility, coupled with a fully integrated, streamlined and intuitive interface that is set to revolutionise the industry. TRANSFORM offers a new paradigm in cloud based multimedia contact technology which is second to none...
…we have been extremely pleased by the close support, ingenuity and attention to detail of Performance Telecom in creating and rolling out this imaginative solution…
The difference in customer service and solution delivery has been remarkable. I highly recommend their solution delivery and account management capabilities.
Thompson Reuters
Over the last 8 years we’ve found their knowledge and experience invaluable in helping us to build a robust, effective inbound call management solution, with some very impressive contingency planning and crisis management facilities.
Akzo Nobel
Four years ago we were a loss making company. Now we have profits of over £2m per annum. I consider the expertise, innovation and outstanding support from Performance Telecom to have been a significant contributory factor in achieving these results.
National Holidays
The level of professionalism and service, coupled with the fantastic advice and efficient support that we have received, has been invaluable to our Company and I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Performance Telecom to any business seeking a professional solution for their telecom needs.
Thane Direct, Inc.
Royal Caribbean Cruise Line A/S have been a customer of Performance Telecom for a number of years and the service we have received from both account management and service delivery has been excellent. Overall we are very impressed with the service we receive.
Royal Caribbean
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