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Virtual Self Healing

Performance Telecom take Business Continuity and DR (Disaster Recovery) so seriously that we have built multiple layers of contingency into every aspect of our system delivery. Not only does the TRANSFORM platform have multiple stages of failover within its core structure as well as all connectivity and access methods, but TRANSFORM also enables our clients to structure multi tiered DR and contingency failover across all of their teams and all of their sites.
We take your business seriously
By using the TRANSFORM platform as an overlay you will be able to bridge the technical gaps (or lack of in-house technical ability) and even extend the life of your out-of-date equipment. Because TRANSFORM can process call traffic to and from any device, using either traditional or the very latest connectivity methods and signalling protocols, you will gain the power to extend your communications infrastructure in any way you see fit… safely, consistently, reliably… and with total estate visibility.
Giving you the power to rescue your organisation
TRANSFORM gives you the power to rescue your organisation from emergency situations which could otherwise result in extended down times and lost productivity, but when you engage your organisation with TRANSFORM whole heartedly to become a direct and privately connected virtual extension of our hosted contact centre suite we are able to deliver what we call ‘Virtual Self Healing’, where outages aren’t merely alerted to you the instant they occur, at the very same time alternate routes are taken and any live call which is in progress maintains its connection where previously calls would have been dropped, caller and agent rarely even aware that a technical issue has occurred.
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