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Contact Enrichment

Performance Telecom centre’s its applications and services with your customers wholly in mind…
We think how your customers think
Contact Management is a well worn term, used as a catch-all phrase to describe how an organisation filters out contact with customers so that they can be responded to by the right people in the right department. All too often this filtration is set in place as a rigid structure, with the needs of those working internally within the business being at the forefront of the planners mind, rather than directly meeting the needs of those making contact with the organisation.
Performance Telecom focuses its applications and services with your customers wholly in mind in order to best guide you to make the most effective decisions regarding the service delivery.
The visibility and fluidity of the change management process ensures customer needs are met and continue to evolve over time, all the while gaining an insight into how they perceive and rate your company’s performance. Such visibility leads to key business decisions being made based on the sound knowledge and understanding of how you and your staff are performing in reality, as judged by the people that matter most – the customer.
 “Royal Caribbean Cruise Line A/S have been a customer of Performance Telecom for a number of years and the service we have received from both account management and service delivery has been excellent. Overall we are very impressed with the service we receive.”
Royal Caribbean
Contact Management - too simplistic a term
At Performance Telecom we believe Contact Management is in some ways too simplistic a term for what is a critical aspect of the customer management process. We can prove that your business will find success when it has the power to properly measure the good, the bad and the ugly, and to make ongoing changes and improvements to your processes, staff training and customers’ experience.
You cannot hope to achieve all this without having genuine insight, ongoing benchmarking and systems that deliver customer feedback in a manner that is simple to analyse and available immediately after an interaction. In this environment, we ensure the systems are in place that will consistently engage your staff in world-class service delivery by capturing what every customer thinks of each individual’s performance on each and every interaction.
This is where success lives and this is what we call Contact Enrichment.
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