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Thursday 19th June 2014True Insight

It is well known that the only true insight a company can receive on customer satisfaction is by asking the customer directly. Millions of pounds are spent each year by companies performing surveys over the phone, by SMS, by email, in the street and yes, by post.
We also know there are lies, damn lies and statistics, yet many business are run on decisions made by poorly constructed surveys that yield metrics with more holes in than a packet of polos.
So let’s be professional. With real time call survey technology and industry benchmarking metrics like NPS (Net Promoter Score), APS (Agent Performance Score), CES (Customer Effort Score), and FCR (First Call Resolution) available to small companies as well as the larger call centres, we can all start to measure accurately and therefore management more effectively.
Drive Satisfaction is a leader in this field, helping companies support each individual and raise their game, aiding them to work within the team improving customer experience which ultimately affects the bottom line. Drive Satisfactions unique ‘cherry blasting' formula designed to stop agents from ‘cherry picking’ the best customer feedback, as well as its complaint handling system that helps to turn a customer’s negative experience into a positive one, has set itself up to be a game changer across industries. Once and for all we can lay the guessing aside and accept that the only feedback that genuinely counts is the feedback from our customers and that this feedback is accessible, affordable, and to be competitive today, it is essential.
While gaining a true insight into customer behaviour can be scary for most agents and managers as it takes away their ability to manipulate figures for their personal benefit, ultimately a system that engages people has proven to be far more rewarding and unleashes the true potential of your team as the whole group uses the true insights to focus on improving your customers experience.
Chat with us to learn more. Call 0330 303 4321.

Posted on June 19th 2014 at 05:44pm by Adam Norsworthy


 We’re seeking a talented Freelance (remote worker) Python developer to join our team to help us to take forward our real-time and historical data mining applications.  We also have some legacy PHP code that needs maintenance from time to time, so some knowledge of PHP would be highly desirable. We are looking for someone who is enthusiastic, smart and talented and to whom coding comes naturally. You will be working with complex, high availability and high scalability web applications within a quick release environment.


 Do you possess the following skill set?


Our technology stack includes Python, Pyramid / Pylons framework, PHP, MySQL/ Postgres/ MongoDB and sqLight DB, Nginx/ Apache, Crontab and Celery.


 We’re looking for someone who has:


- Solid experience developing with Python.


- A thorough understanding of the Object-Oriented paradigm and data structures.


- Some experience in PHP would be highly desirable.


- Ideally some experience in Javascript/ Jquery, HTML and CSS.


- Ideally previous experience in processing large datasets, from multiple sources, in several formats (XML, CSV etc).


- Experience in Performance DB Tuning and Query Optimization will be beneficial.


- Experience with a version control system (We use Mercurial).


We are looking for someone who can integrate with our team and who works well both independently and in a group, without daily management. You must have excellent communication skills (written and verbal) and work well under pressure.


Interested? Send me your CV at savio dot Fernandes at performancetelecom dot co dot uk

Posted on July 08th 2013 at 03:25pm by Savio

Monday 13th May 2013This is how our customers regard us - I think!


Going back a few years I used to take my family on an annual holiday to the West coast of France. This was always an exciting time and we would plan meticulously for this break. Having three young children it was essential that we got all details correct, all that is except for the journey. Why the journey? Well my wife is to map reading what a broken racket is to Andy Murray.

Picture the scene; driving nervously around the Périphérique in Paris, five lanes of traffic and surrounded by juggernauts trying to intimidate me I ask my wife which turn off we need to take. Her reply "the next one", and just as I am about to cross two lanes of fast moving traffic she says  "I think". What the flip does 'I think' mean? Do I risk life and limb at this point or not?

It is impossible to steer a car in the right direction without having accurate information that is both reliable and dependable.

The same is true of a company. Unless you know how you are performing in your customers eyes, how on earth do you know what direction you should be heading.

Customer feedback is critical and the problem with most 'post call' Csat surveys is that an agent will not put you through to one unless they are happy that the call went well. After all, heaven forbid that you should leave information that could be detrimental to the agent or the work they have completed for you. And if this continues to be the case do not be surprised if a picture of calm efficiency emergies while in truth the business is in fact building a reputation for poor customer support.

So how do we overcome the 'cherry picking' that is prevalent in most contact centres. In fact the only way to avoid it altogether is to take the decision away from the agent and have all calls automatically transferred to your Csat platform. Performance Telecom are able to do this with extremely intuitive pre connect IVR coupled with a leading edge Csat platform. Together these two features of our TRANSFORM platform allow accurate, real time reporting that includes event alarms and comprehensive wall boarding facilities. If poor feedback is left then a supervisor will be notified immediately and appropriate post call action can be taken.

Armed with this information, management are able to steer the company in the direction they need to go, rather than where they think they want to go, based on real life comprehensive feedback and not anecdotal speculation.

For further information regarding any of the above please contact sales@performancetelecom.co.uk

Posted on May 13th 2013 at 06:21am by Alan Cohen

Friday 15th March 2013The Evolution of your Contact Centre starts here....

Research has shown that, on average, the cost of handling calls is five times higher than that of handling emails. It's fast becoming essential to communicate effectively with consumers who are rapidly adopting new and diverse channels, and demanding that you keep up. Your call centre is the heart of your business, and has a direct effect on customer satisfaction. Long wait times or ineffective agents can put people off, and as a result they may go elsewhere. These days consumers want to initiate contact with a business on their own terms, using their preferred method of contact.
So how do you ensure your employees are just as responsive to these media as they are on the phone?
Performance Telecom can transform your operation into a fully Multimedia Contact Management Centre, efficiently delivering service to customers via the medium of their choice. This could be SMS, email, web chat or even social media. Our solutions are designed to expand the capabilities of traditional call centres by seamlessly integrating web interactions and traditional telephony into virtual queues straight to agent desktops. This way all enquiries can be responded to within an appropriate response time.
As with all Performance Telecom solutions your contact centre will be hosted by us, but with you in complete control. Trial each channel without commitment until you are ready to adopt those you want, when you want them. This allows you to build on your platform at your own pace, only paying for the modules you use, and seamlessly adding more over time as and when required. Channels can be routed to any department or third party of your choice, so if you employ a PR agency to manage your brand all social media enquiries can be routed directly to them. We can even integrate directly to your CRM system.
Our Social Media Monitoring Tool is the icing on the cake. Any mention of your company on any social media vehicle will be delivered to your platform within seconds. This will enable the correct team to respond instantly, taking advantage of positive comments, but also dealing with any negative feedback quickly and efficiently.
The business world is evolving - don't get left behind.

Posted on March 15th 2013 at 01:49pm by Katie Eyers

Thursday 07th March 2013Happy Customers - Who Could Want More?

In a fast paced modern world, who has the time to spend waiting in a call queue? These days consumers want to check their bank balance at midnight, pay the gas bill as they eat dinner, book tickets from the car on their way to the cinema. The pressure is on companies to provide excellent call centre service around the clock, without lowering the customer experience.
However, manning your call centre 24/7 is costly and can be impractical, and we're always being told it's impossible to save money and improve the customer experience. So what's the solution?
Perfomance Telecom provides proven, innovative call centre solutions to businesses of all sizes, focusing on excellent out-of-hours and queue busting customer service without the huge price tag this would usually incur. Payment gateways, multimedia surveys, transcriptions and automated booking & ordering systems, all hosted by us. No kit, no fuss, just our knowledge and expertise. Our automated solutions offer your customers a secure environment to make card payments anytime, day or night, with speed and precision. Information is processed and delivered to a secure web interface, allowing your business to still capture customer and payment details.
Effective self-care facilities can dramatically cut the number of callers waiting in your queue, improving the customer experience and enabling you to better utilise your staff, or even decrease the size of your call centre. Plus all Performance Telecom applications can be customised to fit the needs of any business, to ensure absolute effectiveness.
At a fraction of the cost of any hardware based equivalent, our solutions can be deployed rapidly, often in a matter or hours, always with a minimum of fuss.

Posted on March 07th 2013 at 10:04am

Monday 04th March 2013The Life of a Telephone Call

These days making a telephone call is as natural as walking to the shops or eating your breakfast (we do not recommend that these two things are done at the same time). But have you ever stopped to consider the technology behind being able to dial a sequence of numbers, and then be connected to anyone, pretty much anywhere in the world and almost instantly?
While Performance Telecom can take very little credit for the public telephone network (PSTN) that enables this, we do put a lot of thought into the life of that call and making sure that it is as effective as possible in ensuring both the calling party and the called party meet their objectives for that conversation.
In Contact Centre terms we like to look at this call and separate it into three different stages:
Prior to the call being answered we can look at the originating number and ensure that it is routed to exactly the right agent with the correct skill sets and access to information that will allow first call resolution. We call this 'Intelligent Call Routing'. If a number is in high demand we can make sure that the caller experience while waiting in a queue is as pleasurable as possible. Providing messages, offering alternatives or even overflowing to alternate numbers are all functions that can be performed automatically.
Perhaps most importantly, if the call never progresses beyond this point and is abandoned for whatever reason, Performance Telecom can supply the calling line identity and facilitate a call back meaning that nothing is ever lost.
Once the call is answered we can connect automatically to any data base or CRM. We can arranged for customer details to screen pop or for intelligent, dynamic scripts to appear. Other features include PCI or payment card interaction that complies with FSA regulations. Call recording of some or all calls, with tagging facilities so calls can be quickly searched and played back. Calls can be answered in a home environment as if they were in the heart of a multi seat contact centre and event/disaster recovery plans guarantee that service is maintained at all times.
When the call is completed and both parties hang up then the agent has 'wrap up' responsibilities for reporting purposes. Calls can be switched manually or automatically through to Customer Satisfaction Surveys where feedback can be given in the form of yes/no answers, rating scales and voice comments which can be transcribed. Full reporting can then take place, time to answer and time on call. Outcome of call, is the situation ongoing or has it been resolved?
Throughout the whole process live reporting on wall boards can be presented in real time and accessed from any location via a web browser. Management Information Statistics (MIS) can be used to allocate resource, to present reports automatically to all concerned parties, empowering you with the information required to run your business efficiently and effectively. Most importantly, your customer has had the optimum calling experience when contacting your company - and you know all about it.
For further information regarding any of the above please contact sales@performancetelecom.co.uk

Posted on March 04th 2013 at 03:58pm by Alan Cohen

Thursday 07th February 2013Want to turn your Call Centre into a Profit Centre?

Making the most of agent performance will always be a key requirement for call centre and telesales managers. The ability to increase outbound call rates and staff productivity, without spending a fortune, is the ultimate goal. In reality, however, increasing productivity can be a costly and complex process, which can then reduce any effective benefits.
Performance Telecom offers something very different.
A Hosted Predictive Dialler that can meet the needs of any business, at a very competitve rate. Our feature rich solution will give you an on-demand experience backed up by our very own professional and experienced customer service team.
Predictive dialler settings can be assigned to your outbound campaign, calling the lead number and automatically routing the call to the next available agent.The lead data will then be displayed on the agent's screen.This process can increase your outbound call rate by as much as 400%. It's as simple as that.
The Performance Telecom Dialler is a fully compliant solution that can maximise call rates whilst maintaining perfect control. Built-in automatic controls, as well as secure manual overrides, let you make changes in real-time. Add in blended work streams, full scripting tools and call recording, and you have the complete dialler package.
With unparalled flexibility, our predictive dialler could revolutionise any call centre.

Posted on February 07th 2013 at 11:33am by Katie Eyers

Thursday 31st January 2013Performance Telecom introduces a Multi Media Customer Satisfaction Survey

This month sees Performance Telecom release an advanced version of our Customer Satisfaction Survey. We believe that keeping customers satisfied should always be a priority for any successful business. Satisfied customers will buy more, stay loyal and promote your brand for you. This loyalty needs to be encouraged, so how do you make sure your customers are satisfied?
Our low cost, automated Customer Satisfaction Survey gives you the opportunity to analyse your customers' satisfaction in real-time, 24 hours a day. This ensures the capture of insightful information about the customer's needs, wants and requirements, thus enabling the compilation of intelligent feedback (critical and praiseworthy) on products, services and customer service. In short, you ask them.
The Performance Telecom Customer Satisfaction Survey offers everything you need to engage with your customers, including bespoke call plans with multiple questions and voice capture, FTP and SFTP data transfer, automatic alerts for low and high scoring, and all comments transcribed as standard to reduce administration.
Live wallboards and agent engagement screens will let you know when customers aren't happy, enabling a quick response and resolution. Your customer needs to know that their feedback is being listened to and, more importantly, acted upon. This Voice of the Customer solution allows you to route any unsatisfied customers directly to a customer care team for instant resolution, or to administer a voucher to a high scoring customer to encourage new business. The choice is yours.
Automatically transferring calls to the survey will free up agents' time, and prevent "cherry picking" only the favourable callers. The real-time stats streamed directly to the call centre, and displayed on a wall board, will actively encourage healthy competition among agents. A rewards point system is a great motivator to improve performance.
The flexibility of our survey will provide all you need to know about your customers' wants and needs, and can be tailored specifically to your requirements.

Posted on January 31st 2013 at 11:06am by Katie Eyers

Monday 14th January 2013Performance Telecom Office Relocation

We at Performance Telecom are excited to announce we have moved premises and are now located at
Chaucer House
4-6 Upper Marlborough Road
St Albans
You can still reach us on the same email address: info@performancetelecom.co.uk
and also on our new number 0330 303 4321.
Continued expansion of our product range, including our exciting new platform Transform, plus our recent success with Customer Satisfaction Surveys, has delivered a significant amount of new business. Consequently we find ourselves growing as a company with the need to move into larger premises.
The open plan style of the new office allows our team to work closely together, and to welcome any visitors. If you are in St Albans we would love to see you, so please pop in for a coffee and a chat. We'd be delighted to show you around our new space and fill you in on what we are up to.
Our new location is the start of the next chapter for Performance Telecom that will see continued service commitment to our existing and potential clients.
We thank you for your continued support.

Posted on January 14th 2013 at 01:46pm by Katie Eyers

Tuesday 08th January 20132012 was an exciting year for Performance Telecom

2012 was a very busy year for all the staff of Performance Telecom and we are pleased to report a very successful one. We have seen expansion in just about every area of the company, including sales, marketing and support. But as we all know success should not be measured in terms of additional head count, rather by achievement of objectives, targets and goals.
At the start of the year Performance Telecom embarked on several ambitious projects, some of which would have scared off lesser organisations or those that lack ambition. However it has always been our objective to stay at the forefront of the industry, leading by example and providing the best possible service to our ever expanding and extremely loyal customer base.
A major milestone for Performance Telecom occurred right at the very start f the year when OFCOM assigned us our very own number ranges, meaning that we were well and truly amongst the Telecommunications elite. This was complimented with a sizeable investment in a Contact Centre platform known as TRANSFORM, which has been uniquely enhanced by our own 'in house' software development team.
Requiring a tier one supplier on which we could host TRANSFORM, KCom were able to satisfy our demanding requirements and a strategic alliance was established around Spring time. This gave Performance Telecom immediate access to one of the country's largest and most resilient national networks.
This was quickly followed by a TRANSFORM product launch at the historic Hatfield House in Hertfordshire. 
Attended by a cross section of customers we saw presentations from the senior management team including the recently appointed Non Exec. Chairman and industry veteran Tony Cox.  With over 20 years of senior management experience within the Industry, Tony was a welcome addition to the senior management team and will help guide the company throughout the coming year.
To maximise coverage across the UK, Performance Telecom elected to create a partner programme and another seasoned industry professional, Alan Cohen, was appointed to head up this task. Having also been around the Telecoms arena for a significant number of years, Alan was very excited about the opportunity and quick to instigate a Partner Programme that has seen a number of Resellers, as well as Agents, sign up to this very exciting opportunity.
Our marketing team took on the ambitious task of raising Performance Telecoms profile within our own industry. To that end Performance Telecom sponsored three major events and were asked to speak at all of them. These included the prestigious Contact Centre Forum, the  Call Centre Awards and the Comms Business Awards.
As a 'socially aware' organisation Performance Telecom are always looking for ways in which the technology we are developing is able to help the disabled and physically impaired. This culminated in the Autumn in a project called 'ContactAbility' which was presented by our MD Ian Cox to Esther McVey, MP and Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the Department for Work and Pensions and Minister for Disabled People. Gaining her immediate support Esther has asked to be kept involved and further meetings are planned for the coming year.
2012 was a year when many company's thought they were doing well by just being able to stand still. Here at Performance Telecom we strive to improve, expand, invest and enjoy ourselves. the entire team are looking forward to the demands of the coming year. If there are any projects or challenges that your own company is looking to tackle and you think that we may have the resource or solution for you, then please do not hesitate to contact us, you will not be disappointed.
For more information please contact

Posted on January 08th 2013 at 11:36am by Alan Cohen
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